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Who are your MLB Endcaps?


If there's still an active player older than you, the dream is still alive... you still have a chance to make the majors. We still have Bartolo Colon, after all. But if you happened to have aged out of Bartolo, who was the last player older than you were to play in the majors? And while we're at it, who was the first player younger than you to enter a game?

Enter your birthdate to find out.

Before you tell me i'm wrong

  • Older Player Endcap: This is not just the oldest active player ever. For example, Jason Giambi is not the oldest player to ever play a game. He played until he was 43. He was born on January 8, 1971. But, if you were born on June 6, 1971, Giambi was the last player older than you to play in the majors.
    • If there are still active players older than you, we just tell you who the oldest one is (Hi Bartolo).
  • Younger Player Endcap: This is not the youngest player to ever play. This is the first player to get in a game who was younger than you were on that day.
    • For example: Josh Beckett is younger than CC Sabathia. But CC made it to the majors before Beckett did, so if you were born on March 22, 1980, CC is your Endcap, not Beckett.

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Aug 23, 8:50am Thanks to @rstev02 and @TheAndyBerry for reporting some data glitches. Some dates weren't stored correctly, so some of the results were wrong. I've now corrected all dates. Check again if you checked before that time.




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